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Child Rights Protection and Promotion

Child Rights Protection and Promotion
The CRPP program aims to develop an institutionalized and sustainable mechanism of capacity building focused on child rights protection and promotion, and scale-up the process of creating a bigger impact on child rights protection at the community level.

Business Process Management 101

Understand and appreciate the fundamentals of business process management in BPM 101.

Introduction to Inter-local Cooperation

This course on Inter-local Cooperation will help LGUs forge alliances in order to balance central control and democratic governance.

Business Communication

Learn how to effectively communicate in the BPM workplace in Business Communication.

Art in the ASEAN Region

This Art in the ASEAN Region ODeL course is a venue to explore and experience art in the ASEAN region. Start your journey into ASEAN art and enrol now.

Oral Communication & Conversational Fluency in English

Develop your listening and speaking skills necessary for successful English language communication in CFE101

DE Readiness

First time to enroll in a distance elearning course/MOOC? Assess your readiness by taking first this module